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Mars Mineral

Mars Mineral specializes in agitation pelletizing with pin agglomerators and disc pelletizers or deep drum pelletizers. This is a process that converts fine dusts and powders into spherical- shaped pellets. This process is accomplished without the need of pressure or heat, but rather an agitation of the material in the presence of a binder, usually just water. This action forms “seed” pellets that can be as small as 50 mesh, increasing in size up to 1″ diameter.

The benefits of pelletizing include the elimination of fine dust particles and the improvement of material flowability and densifying. This results in reduced worker exposure to dust particles, improved environmental conditions in your plant, the ability to recycle, reuse or produce a saleable product, or simply to provide a non-dusty product for disposal.

This pelletizing method has been widely accepted in various industries, including steel, foundry, chemical, mining, cement, lime and fertilizer.

To provide the best pelletizing device for your application, Mars Mineral offers the following services to test your material, evaluate the results and manufacture pelletizers or pelletizing systems.

Agglo Miser

The “Agglo-Miser” laboratory pelletizer is a multi-depth, bench-scale unit which permits a wide range of test conditions for powder and dust pelletizing. It is designed to provide three adjustable pan depths, and a selection of pan speeds and pan angle variations up to 60° maximum.

The “Agglo-Miser” can be operated either as a shallow disc or a deep drum to produce either micropellets, granules, or large balls.

Ampel Pelletizer

The Mars Mineral Ampel Horizontal Pelletizer is a rapid- agitation device used to mix, condition and pelletize dust, fine powders and other materials. This equipment produces either a conditioned, wetted product or a granular, free-flowing agglomerate. It features a wide range of applications for conditioning and pelletizing at capacities ranging from one-half tph to 50 tph.

Deep Drum Pelletizer

The Mars Mineral Deep Drum Pelletizer is an inclined, deep-drum unit featuring an integral, rear-mounted auger feeder. Its deep-drum design makes it ideal for applications requiring long retention time for densification and the production of large-diameter pellets. The Deep Drum Pelletizer is an excellent choice for applications that require large, dense pellets for recycling, transportation or disposal.

Disc Pelletizer

The Mars Mineral Disc Pelletizer is an adjustable pan device utilized in micro-pelletizing, pelletizing and conditioning applications in which a shallow pan and a smaller retained burden are desired. It can be used to pelletize materials such as taconites, copper, nickel, lead and zinc concentrates. Other applications include pelletizing of reclaimed sludge, moist filter cakes, coal, flue dusts, limestone, fertilizers and ores.

Pin Mixer

The Mars Mineral Pin Mixer is a pin-type solids processor designed for applications requiring high energy input to materials for mixing or micro-pelletizing. It is a high-speed, conditioning and micro-pelletizing device that converts dust into small agglomerates through the action of a high-speed rotor shaft and pin assembly, and the addition of liquids such as water, binders, oil or surfactants.

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