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Pneu-Con provides pneumatic conveying solutions that involve the use of air under pressure or vacuum to move product material from one or more pick-up sources to one or more destinations through conveying lines. Our unique process of material movement helps keep your product damage-free and explosion-proof.

Blower Packages

Coffee Systems

Grain Systems

Pellet Systems

Powder Loader

Powder Receiver

Whisper Loaders

Whisper Loaders are self-contained vacuum conveying systems which operate automatically to maintain a constant material level in day bins or a receiving hopper, which can be located above injection, extrusion or blow molding machines. Each self-contained system operates on a batch principle. They come with an adjustable timer for conveying, and with a proximity switch to initiate the process. With 0.25 to 4.25 cubic ft. capacities, Whisper Loaders can also be outfitted for Gravimetric operations. Adding a high-level probe and slide gate with allow you to refill with a signal from a feeder.

Powder Receivers

Offering dust-free handling of fine and difficult-to-handle powders, Pneu-Con’s Powder Receivers are constructed from aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. Abrasion-resistant design options are available upon request.

Powder Whisper Loaders

Self-Contained Powder Whisper Loaders are designed for dust-free handling of difficult-to-handle fine materials and powders. Powder Whisper Loaders are fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Pellet Conveying Systems

Designed to be simple, efficient and economical, Pneu-Con’s Self-Contained Pellet Whisper Loaders give you the flexibility to transfer pellets from a bag, super sack, or flexible intermediate storage to blenders, extruders, or other processes.

Grain Conveying Systems

Simplicity is the key to our conveying systems, with flexibility to design for your unique space configuration, enabling strategic process station placement including ‘turns’ and elevation ‘climbs’ and/or ‘drops’ as needed. Economical tubing and flexible hoses allow equipment to be installed as desired for the best fit possible into your building, and accommodate process stream.

Coffee Conveying Systems

Coffee Whisper Loaders are Self-Contained vacuum conveying systems that you transfer ‘green’ coffee beans from a bag, super sack or box to a roaster, then to a whole-bean packaging station, or to a grinder, then to a grounds packaging station.

Blower Packages

Pneu-Con’s positive displacement Blower Packages combine the most efficient air source available with low maintenance. Belt-driven for optimal system sizing, our Blower Packages are individually designed with the proper cubic-feet-per-minute of air flow for conveying a specific material. We analyze and model every application to assist us in recommending the correct power source.

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