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Bindicator® is a full service supplier of point and continuous level sensors for industrial applications. Since 1936, our bin level indicators have been preventing overflow spills, controlling surge bins, detecting plugged chutes and providing on/off control of pumps and conveyors in the dry bulk industry. Bindicator® products are designed and manufactured with the end user in mind, so installation and calibration will be straightforward and simple. Our level instruments are designed so that they can be customized with the options that customers need for the most challenging applications.

VRF® II Series

The VRF® II Series uses radio frequency to detect the presence or absence of material in a vessel. It compensates for the load of the probe and vessel environment to automatically determine the optimal operating frequency for the greatest sensitivity and stability.

F78MP Series Radar

The F78MP Series air radar sensor provides non-contact, continuous level measurement for bulk materials in bins, tanks and silos. Accurate and reliable in difficult environments, the F78MP Series is an ideal level meter for powder and bulk solid inventory management. The F78MP Series air radar withstands corrosive environments and takes consistent measurements in steam, dust and other turbulent conditions.

The F78MP Series air radar measures the level of material in a bin or silo by monitoring the time it takes for an emitted microwave pulse to travel from the level meter to the surface of the material being measured and back to the meter. This time is calculated into distance which is then translated into a level measurement.

TDR-2000 Guided Wave Radar

The TDR-2000 provides continuous, non-mechanical level measurement, utilizing guided wave radar technology. The TDR-2000 is particularly suited for measuring the level of solids, granules, and powders, as well as a wide range of liquids. For many applications, the TDR-2000 is an economical and superior alternative to capacitance, ultrasonic, and plumb bob technologies.

The TDR-2000 two-wire guided microwave level transmitter uses the TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) principle. The instrument sends low power nanosecond-wide pulses along an electrically conductive rod, cable, or coaxial probe with a known propagation speed (the speed of light). As the pulse reaches the surface of the medium (altered dielectric constant Ԑr), a part of it is reflected back to the electronic module. The efficiency of the reflected signal depends on the dielectric constant (Ԑr) difference of the mediums. The reflected pulse is detected as an electrical voltage signal and is then processed by the electronics. Level distance is directly proportional to the flight time of the pulse. The measured level data is converted to 4-20 mA current and HART signals and is displayed on the LCD display. From the level data, further derived measuring values can be calculated such as volume and mass. The TDR-2000 is unaffected by the other properties of the medium as well as that of the space above it.

Yo-Yo™ Series Level Indicator

The Bindicator® Yo-Yo™ is a weight and cable bin level sensor specifically designed for continuous level measurement of dry bulk solids inventory. The Yo-Yo™ automates the use of a drop line for increased safety and accuracy. Available as an option, our Yo-YoTM Readout is an LCD display that can monitor up to 99 sensors and is used to program each cable and weight Yo-YoTM, which includes assigning identification and measuring ranges.

Pulse Point™ II Series

Pulse Point™ II Series models sense when a material reaches or leaves a particular point. These point level switches use electronic vibratory technology to sense the material. This mechanical operation is not affected by the dielectric constant of the material being measured. Choose from a Pulse Point™ II Fork or Rod, depending on the application.

Roto-Bin-Dicator® PRO

The Roto-Bin-Dicator® PRO is a paddlewheel type level device that outperforms others in its class. This simple device monitors the level of dry bulk material and indicates when there has been a change. The fail-safe PRO model is unique in that it comes standard with functional diagnostics that detect a unit fault even when the paddle is buried in material; unlike other paddlewheel devices.

The PRO provides added reliability by employing redundant methods of detection. These methods monitor shaft rotation as well as motor behavior, making it more reliable with regards to not missing a reading or creating a false positive


The Roto-Bin-Dicator is the most universal of all level sensing technologies and is the most popular level switch used in dry bulk materials. The Roto-Bin-Dicator is a rotating paddle type, bulk material level sensor offered with a wide variety of paddle options for unequaled application versatility. It is easy to install and requires no special tools or calibrations.

Jeffrey Rader DynaYield II Chip Conditioner

DynaYield™ Chip Conditioners are designed to gently fissure over-thick wood chips with the least fines and pins generation of any thickness reduction machine.

Jeffrey Rader DynaGage Bar Screen

The DynaGage™ is a true primary screen designed to be installed in new screen rooms or as a replacement in existing operations.

Jeffrey Rader Disc Screen

For removing oversized rejects from unscreened wood chips, hog fuel or bark, the Jeffrey Rader Disc Screen is the undisputed workhorse of the industry.

Jeffrey Rader Chip Thickness Screening

Jeffrey Rader offers equipment for the four stages of total chip preparation — gross oversize removal, over-thick chip removal, size reduction of over-thick chips, and fines removal.

Jeffrey Rader Boiler Feed Systems

Boiler fuel feed systems are made up of a combination of storage, reclaim, conveying and feeding equipment and are available in mechanical and pneumatic systems.

Jeffrey Rader Biomass Material Handling

Jeffrey Rader material handling equipment is used in the multiple stages of biomass energy generation, from truck/rail receiving through the metered in-feed into the boiler.

Rotary Airlock Feeders (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Rotary Airlock Feeders allow entry of material into high-pressure conveying lines or serve as infeed and outfeed airlocks in low-pressure systems. Jeffrey Rader rotary airlock feeders are considered to be the best in the industry, with thousands of rotary airlock feeders built and installed worldwide.

Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Electromagnetic vibratory feeders are commonly used for mining and quarry operations, as well as aggregate, chemical and industrial processes. Jeffrey Rader electromagnetic feeders operate through controlled, high-frequency vibration. This is accomplished with electrical pulses and sub-resonant tuning.

NF Electromechanical Vibrating Feeders (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Electromechanical feeders are recommended for heavier loads and for hazardous environments, such as feeding coal. Jeffrey Rader feeders are precision tuned near their own natural frequencies making them in tune with the materials they carry. These sub-resonant tuning characteristics assure efficient material transference, promote quieter operation, and reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Posiflow Feeders (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Posiflow® feeders provide reliable and consistent feeding while eliminating fugitive dust, increasing safety in environments such as power plants and cement plants. This positive displacement feeder, the first of its kind, is a valuable breakthrough in feeder technology. The genius of this concept lies in the way it takes advantage of the bridges that bulk solid materials tend to form.

Frozen Coal Cracker (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Roll Crushers (Gundlach Brand)

Gundlach roll crushers are available in four model series with single-stage and two-stage designs and produce precise product sizing with fewer fines.

Jaw Crushers (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Jaw Crushers reduce unusually hard, tough and/or abrasive rock, as well as ferroalloys and glass, which cause excessive wear to other types of crushers. Many types of crushers use rotating hammers and other crushing elements to reduce materials by impact, shear or attrition. Jaw Crushers, however, crush by compression of the material between two opposing surfaces — the jaws.

CagePaktor Cage Mill (Gundlach Brand)

Cage-Paktor® Cage Mills feature an impactor design that needs no screens. They’re designed to crush only the over-size material. The multiple stages of crushing inside the Cage-Paktor minimize product oversize, achieving greater crushing efficiency and producing more product in the size range desired.
[Gunclach CagePaktor 1C3R]

Wood/Bark Hogs (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Wood/Bark Hogs are used to reduce various species of wood and bark at wood yards, paper mills, saw mills, furniture factories, plywood plants and more. Jeffrey Rader Wood/Bark Hogs are designed to increase productivity, provide long life and facilitate easy maintenance. Many types are available, including traditional models, Razorback models, horizontal models and Type E Shredders.

Mountaineer Sizer (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Mountaineer® II Sizers are designed for primary or secondary sizing of coals, industrial minerals and ores with minimum fines. These Sizers crush a wide variety of materials and incorporate all of the features needed to do a better job for primary or secondary sizing.

Coalpactors (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Coalpactors® effectively reduce the size of coals and are ideally suited for fluid bed boiler plants. They’re also popular for crushing metallurgical coal for coke. The Coalpactor’s popularity is the result of its ability to maintain top size and provide low cost-per-ton crushed while keeping fines at a minimum.

One-Way Hammermills (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Triple crushing action makes our one-way Hammermills ideally suited for primary and secondary reduction of limestone, chemicals, minerals, coal and many ores. Pennsylvania Crusher brand one-way hammermills are used for the reduction of a wide range of materials to assorted output sizes in a single pass.

Nanosiz-R Roll Mills (Gundlach Brand)

The Nanosiz-R®, now available in two versions — the Nanosiz-R and Nanosiz-R HC (high capacity) — is ideal for fine-grinding applications that require mixing limestone with coal to reduce the sulfur content of emissions, and for the fine-grinding of salts and fertiilizers including nitrogen, phosphate, potash and other friable materials.

Granulators (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Granulators handle wet, frozen, fine and dirty coals with ease and are used to crush coal in power plants, mines, cement plants, and other applications. Our Pennsylvania Crusher brand TKK Koal-King® Granulator is the most widely used Granulator in the world.

Flextooth Crushers (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Flextooth® crushers are designed for the reduction of ROM coal, for preparation plant feed, rail shipments and feed for fine coal grinding equipment. Flextooth® Crushers combine the benefits of the compression crushing concept of roll crushers with the high capacity of impact crushers.

Bradford Breakers (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Bradford Breakers are used at mines around the world to crush, size and clean run-of-mine coal and other friable materials. Maintenance costs are surprisingly low with few servicing requirements, other than periodic lubrication and inspection. Because of their rugged design, downtime is rare, eliminating any need for back-up machines.

Reversible Impactors (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

The reversible impactor is a highly versatile crusher that produces a cubical product at high reductions ratios of up to 35 to 1. The reversible impactor was first developed and patented by Pennsylvania Crusher in 1937. Reversible impactors are available in a variety of models.

Chip-Sizers (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

With over 200 Chip-Sizers in the field today, this is the sizer that has proven it gives the highest recovery rates of “cookable” chips of any rechipper. Results from numerous installations processing hardwood and softwood show that the percentage of oversize chips processed to acceptable chips is typically in the range of 85-95%. This value is so high that many producers are eliminating screening after the Chip-Sizer and feeding directly to the “accepts” belt.

Single Roll Crushers (Pennsylvania Crusher Brand)

Pennsylvania Crusher brand single roll crushers are relatively compact, yet have very large mouths, enabling them to accept large slabs. The curvature of their breaker plates ensures that no large slabs of material can simply fall through the chamber without being crushed to the proper output size.

Refuse Shredders (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Jeffrey Rader refuse shredders are known for producing consistent products at high capacities for waste to energy, resource recovery and landfills.

Mini-Mill Sample Crushers (Jeffrey Rader Brand)

Jeffrey Rader Mini-Mills are versatile crushers used to reduce most friable, fibrous materials in sampling applications. These units are ideal in moderate volume applications where changing material specifications are required

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